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Interior Mezzanine Systems designed to double your rentable space.

Advanced Storage Systems specializes in Conversion Projects and Mezzanine Systems.  We can transform an old, tired existing building into a two storey, secure, climate controlled facility in a fraction of the time from building on Green Space.  In some cases Advanced Storage Systems is able to make this transformation in a matter of months.

The mezzanine system can be designed on a grid as small as 10’ X 10’ or as large as 30’ x 30’ providing the customer with many choices regarding unit sizes, hallway layouts, and most important, budget.

Our 10’ x 10’ mezzanine system is the most economical and incredibly reliable. The team here at Advanced Storage Systems can assist with the design of a mezzanine or racking systems that is structured to maximize your available space.  Our extensive experience in this field provides the customer with the reassurance that the job will be done quickly and proficiently.

Advanced Storage Systems Mezzanines are:

  • Flexible, allowing us to customize special layout designs for your needs
  • Ideal for a range of industries including, government, healthcare, commercial, and warehouse facilities
  • Durable and built to last for an extended time frame
  • Provide a practical workspace, freeing up space in your production area or creating extra storage space in a given area
  • Can act as extra storage, secured storage, office space and equipment platforms