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Single Storey Buildings:

Single-storey self-storage systems are the primary design for most self-storage projects outside of the city. It’s basic yet flexible design is simple and easy to erect and can be tailored to maximize building coverage on your available land and is very flexible in regards to the unit mix required.

Advanced Storage Systems buildings are by design, and for the most part, non-combustible, maintenance free construction buildings consisting of:

  • Light gauge, all galvanized structural steel
  • 26 gauge galvanized liner panel
  • Low slope, standing seam galvalume roof (no screw penetrations through roof, and this keeps snow and ice on your roof instead of in front of your Customers Units)
  • Eaves trough, downspout, and exterior trim package included on all buildings.
  • Solar Guard insulation under roof (non heated buildings – to prevent condensation)
  • R20 insulation under roof (heated buildings)
  • R14 insulation in walls (heated buildings)
  • 26 gauge metal siding (many colours and profiles to choose from)
  • Stucco Exteriors for street appeal when necessary.
  • In floor radiant heat in concrete slab (reduces building height, more efficient, faster recovery, therefore cost effective)
  • All of our building designs allow for hallways through the building that can eliminate egress issues on larger buildings and add unit mix and revenue generation potential on smaller buildings.